Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Busy Day= French press and Short Bread Cookies

Mondays and Tuesdays I have two of my three kiddos home for Home-school days, and let me tell you what a coffee break really is at 4pm! It truly is these little breaks that keep me sane- well saner than normal. My mom had requested cookies to go along with coffee a few days ago and I fancied that idea too, so of course my go to lady is Ina Garten from Barefoot Contessa. If you have a chance to have one of her cook books in your hands give yourself permission to read it like a novel. I am cheap so I use the local library, which means I have two weeks to read an amazing cook book front to back and remember which recipes I really love and want to keep in my files. Although this short bread recipe is from her website don't let that be your only venue. Books are a slice of heaven.  So here is the link  Ina Garten Shortbread Cookies. She rocks and I am still so cheap that I can't commit to buying her books, but my library has them all so what's the point?

Oh and while your delving into the slices of Heaven, two words- French Press- Yeah it takes time, different grinds, and having inconceivable patients that you didn't know you had. But the result is nothing to describe but Goodness.
I think I hoped on a coffee blog when I first got mine just to make sure I wasn't producing mud when guests came over- I'll remember soon which one it was!

This mug pictured is one of my parents collection, they have mugs from years ago and I selected this one and I love that it say, "I Love my Husband". Nice-

Well remember to take the coffee breaks in life, I live off them!

Can't await to see my Brother's first post- Coming Soon!

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